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PROSPERITY | FINANCIAL | Provida for your Personal Loan

Provida for your Personal Loan

Nothing should stop you from pursuing your dreams – whether it’s a trip to a place you had always longed to visit or getting something for your loved one, which you had to delay because of a financial crunch. We understand that. At Provida, when it comes to Personal Loans, may we say that, we take it very personally. In a purely objective sense though. Our team of advisors assists you with immediate plans, depending upon the urgency, so you can address some of your short-term needs. We work out on the eligibility aspect and give you choices of repayment tenure ranging from 12 months to 7 years. Having said that, we always see to it that your liability sits well within your portfolio and under no circumstances, it impedes the quality of your life. Provida, the mantra for your personal loan.